One Step at a Time


Svara has been taking some small steps towards growing up lately.

She saw her potty chairs in the storage room and asked to sit on them.  So she sat on them for awhile that afternoon.  But when she had to go to the bathroom she asked to put a diaper on.  But the next morning she sat on the potty chair again and she actually went potty on the chair voluntarily for the first time!  It hasn’t happened again since, but it’s a small step in the right direction.  And she’s so excited when she wears her underpants.  I’m not going to push her, as she can be quite stubborn and I don’t want to scare her off of using the potty chair again.  But it looks as though she’s gained a bit more patience and willingness to sit on the potty chair for more than 10 seconds at a time.  yay!

You’ll notice she’s got two potty chairs.  And you’ll notice that she sits on the smaller one and has her baby doll sit on the bigger one.


Here she is wearing her big girl underwear:


Svara  is also doing better eating lately.  She sits on a chair at the big table (no more high chair!) and sets out her plate, bowl, spoon, and fork for every meal. She eats at least some of the meal by herself and she’s more willing to eat vegetables these days, but only if they are mixed in with her other food and too hard to pick out  haha!


She has also decided that wearing a ponytail is not a terrible occurence.  This is a bad ponytail, but at least she left it in for the day.  Someday, a french braid!

In this picture she is chanting Blessed is the Spot, one of the two prayers she knows.



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