Stop Papa!


When Svara and Naren spend time together it includes a lot of tickling, roughhousing, flipping, hugs, and kisses.  He taught her a few weeks ago to say “Stop Papa!” when it becomes too much for her.  Now it seems to be one of her favorite phrases!  She has been able to broaden the meaning to anyone and anything she wants them to stop.  Sometimes we’re not even sure what she wants us to stop.

But I think it’s great he  taught her this.  Instead of being frustrated and crying or whining, she is able to calmly tell us to stop, and we do.  I’m hoping this will help if/when she ever feels like having a tantrum.

Actually, she did kind of have a mini tantrum the other day.  She hadn’t slept as much as usual the night before and she was pretty crabby in the morning.  So I thought it’d be a good idea to put her down for a nap early.  She fought tooth and nail and kept insisting that she wanted to play with her stroller (which she had been doing before I brought her upstairs).  Finally, after about 40 minutes, I got her into her crib and she laid down.  But twenty minutes later she was up again and calling.  I took her out and she ended up not taking a nap until an hour and a half later.  So I guess she hadn’t been tired after all!  Oops.


One thought on “Stop Papa!

  1. That’s a great idea about the stop phrase. Little Elvis just starts saying “No No No No No” when he wants me to stop. Usually that is reserved for diaper changes, though…

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