Getting Creative

crafts, Svara

I’ve been trying to do more craft projects with Svara lately, as she is less likely to try to eat art supplies now and has fun creating.

I made some homemade paint last week based on this recipe.  Svara really enjoyed this and had fun choosing which color she wanted to use next.  After awhile she got antsy and started trying to paint my legs and the floor, so we had to put a stop to the project, but it was fun while it lasted.  We’ll do it again!


A couple weeks ago I was able to take Svara to a playgroup and she got to play in the sandbox for the first time.  I was surprised (but happy!) that she didn’t try to eat the sand.  yay!   She had such fun and is still talking about the sand. We’ll have to go back soon.


And Svara isn’t the only one breaking out her creative side, I am too!  I crocheted her this stuffed “Lowly Worm” from the Richard Scarry books.  He is her favorite character and she loves finding him on each page.  I made him about a foot and a half high.   I’m going to give him to her for Ayyam-i-Ha.



3 thoughts on “Getting Creative

  1. oh my gosh! I love the crocheted lowly! I am sure she will love him, as any kid who reads richard scary would (I know I would love to get that for ayyam-i-ha!!! 🙂 ) Congrats!

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