Back to School

family, Svara, work

“Mama’s going to work today,” I told Svara as I kissed her goodbye,  “and you’re going to go play with Papa!”

“bye!” she said as I thought wow, this is going to be easier than I thought!

“come! come!” she said and held out her hands to me.  Oops, nevermind 😛  She cried the whole way home.

I subbed at my old school today, for the first time since quitting my job at the end of last school year.  I subbed for second grade today.  In some ways it was nice having a little break from home for a day.  It was great seeing my old students (they all crowded around me in the cafeteria when I went to see them, it was nice 🙂

I wouldn’t mind subbing a few times a month.  Like I said, it’s a nice break and always nice to have some pocket money!

But most of all today reminded me how blessed I am to be able to stay home full time with Svara.  To look at her sweet goofy wonderful face whenever I want.  To see her do her “noodle soup” dance.  To nurse away her sadness and kiss away her owies.  To watch her grow and flower and soar to new heights each day.  To do crafts and make cookies together.  To share smiles and laughs all day long.

And to do housework and cooking during the day instead of being bombarded in the evenings and weekends!!!!!!!!

So… how did Svara fare while I was away all day?  Well, she cried all the way home in the car.  So Naren bought her favorite breakfast (tosai and barley) and took her to the playground.  She ate well and played with a friend.  She had more fun playing with Naren at home, but of course naptime was tough.  I still nurse her before her nap, so she yelled and screamed for about half an hour before going down.  I did speak to her briefly on the phone during that time, but I don’t know if that helped or not.  But she had a good nap once she finally slept and she woke up and had noodle soup for lunch and came to pick me up.  She was one happy camper when she saw me 🙂 What can I say?  I was happy to see her too!!!


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