Mini Vacation

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Malaysia is hot all year round, but it seemed like the last week or so had been even hotter than normal. Last Thursday we were sitting around in the afternoon and just decided to drive up to Genting Highlands for the night and stay in a hotel. It is cooler up on the mountain and we were just stifling.  So we called a hotel to book a room, packed up, and left within an hour.  When we got up to the hotel we had enough time to settle in and then take Svara outside to run around for awhile before dinner.  The hotel has a golf course, so there was plenty of space to run around:


That night as Svara slept we watched a movie (using Naren’s laptop) out on the balcony of the hotel room.  The breeze was lovely!

Svara thoroughly enjoyed her breakfast the next day (cornflakes and watermelon):


Naren and I didn’t have quite as much luck with the food and if we ever stay there again I’ll definitely be bringing my own.  You can’t win them all!

Here is Svara sporting her new sunglasses.  She picked these out because they are “like Papa’s” (minus Winnie the Pooh).


The next day we went for a ride in the cable car.  We made the same trip just over a year ago.  Svara really enjoyed it then, but she didn’t enjoy it as much this time and kept saying “finished” and “all done”.


It happened that the road down from Genting Highlands was closed from 10am until 2pm that day as there was a bike race scheduled.  So we were allowed to stay in our hotel room until 2 instead of checking out at noon.  This came in handy since Svara was then able to take a nap before we left.  We came home tired, but refreshed from the slightly cooler air.


2 thoughts on “Mini Vacation

  1. Looks like you had a great vacation. So ironic that we want vacations in heat and you want it in the cool. I know from my mom that she always loves the first week or two when she’s here in the summer because it’s so much cooler. Then she’s had enough and starts wondering when it’s going to get hot here. (never). LOL.

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