A Recommendation



I’ve been meaning to mention this book for awhile now.  I bought it when I was visiting the US last fall and I am so glad that I did.  This book really explained how what you feed your kids will affect their health as adults.  It’s eye opening and very important for every parent to know!  There is also a decent sized recipe section in the book.  Some of the recipes are quite tasty, while some I probably won’t make again.  But today I made the filling for his avacado carob cream pie and Svara ate half the batch in one sitting!  Normally you wouldn’t want your toddler to eat half of a cream pie of course, but this one was simply avacado, carob powder, cashews, and dates.  I was more than happy that she liked it so much.   But even without the recipes, this book is worth the price.  Of course, if you are living in the US or Canada  you can probably just check it out of your library and give it a read.  Lucky you!

So if you would love to give your child a head start on avoiding diseases later in life, do read this book!!


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