*WARNING*  If you have no desire to read about Svara’s toilet training adventures and details, read no further!

I’ve been working SLOWLY on potty training again with Svara over the past 3 weeks or so.  Slowly meaning I’m mostly going by her cues, just giving gentle encouragement.  If she wants to sit on the potty chair or the toilet, great!  If she cries for a diaper, I’ll give her a diaper.  If she wants to wear underpants, by golly she can wear her underpants.  There were a lot of accidents, though most of the time she would ask for a diaper when she knew she had to go.

Two days ago there was a small breakthrough.  I was in the kitchen in the afternoon with Svara and she was wearing her training pants.  I randomly asked if she wanted to sit on the toilet and she said “ok!”  So we went to the bathroom and I sat her on her special seat on the toilet and she immediately peed.  Wow!  Yay Svara!!  Of course we had to sing a potty song and do a little dance.

And today was the biggest breakthrough of all!  This afternoon she had already sat on the toilet a few times (not doing anything, just sitting for a few seconds).  Eventually she asked for a diaper.  So I put a diaper on her, but then she still asked to sit on the toilet.  So I had to sit her on the toilet a couple times, taking the diaper on and off each time.  Again, nothing.  Finally she asked to wear her underwear (training pants).  Again she sat on the toilet a couple more times.  FINALLY she asked to sit on the toilet AGAIN, but this time she pooped!!  She was SO proud of herself, and I was too!!  More singing and dancing all around!

THEN during supper she again asked to sit on the toilet and AGAIN she pooped.  WOW!  I’m so proud of my little girl 🙂  And so happy to have been spared from two more poopy diapers.  Yippee!!!!!

I know this might not continue every day or all day yet, but it’s a good start and I’m happy.


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