The Mind of a Toddler

family, Svara

I learned a good lesson today.  Unfortunately, Svara had to go through almost 45 minutes of crying for me to get the point.

For the past couple of days she has been kind of fighting going down for a nap by not wanting to put on her diaper and pajamas, trying to run out the door to her toys, etc.

We have a routine of putting on diaper, then pajamas, then reading stories, then nursing and sleeping.  She knows the routine and she says the routine out loud as we are walking up the stairs.

So today when it was time to put her down for a nap she vehemently refused to put on her diaper and pajamas.  I did finally manage to put her diaper on but she insisted she wanted her shorts back on.  She was thoroughly upset by it, so I decided to let her sleep in her shorts and shirt instead of her pajamas.  We read some stories.  Usually she only gets through a few pages before she’s ready to nurse and go to sleep, but today she just kept wanting more and screamed when I tried to get her to sleep.  Twice I got her calmed down by nursing her, then she’d ask for her pajamas.  But instantly she’d realize what she asked for and start screaming about NOT wanting them.

Finally after 45 minutes I started thinking about what she might be thinking.  To her, pajamas mean go to sleep.  But I let her keep her shorts and shirt on.  They are for wearing when she is awake.  So she must be allowed to stay awake.  It’s time to play and read stories, NOT sleep.  Hence the screaming.  So I forced her into her pajamas (she stopped struggling after the first 10 seconds, thankfully).  And she VERY quietly and quickly went to SLEEP.  Sigh…  tomorrow I will know better!

Routines are important!


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