Who Needs Paper?

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Svara and I are enjoying her new easel that she got for Ayyam-i-Ha from her Auntie Presna:


It is nice just to be able to take moments throughout the day and draw something without having to set out paper, crayons, etc. and then clean up too!

The other day I decided to make some more paint and try out the paper side of the easel.  It was a lot easier for Svara to paint standing up rather than sitting down and trying to keep the paper in one place.  That’s not to say the project didn’t end up messy!!!  Here’s how it went:

I don’t have a smock for Svara, so I started by just taking off her shirt since I didn’t want it to get messy.  I love her serious painting face in this picture:


At first she ran to get a tissue and wiped off any smidgen of paint that got on her hands.  That only lasted about 10 minutes, though.  Then this happened:


The paint must have felt so cool on her hands that she started pretending it was soap as she rubbed her hands together…. and smeared it on her chest… and arms…. and last but not least… her hair and face.  Too bad I don’t have a picture of the final result 🙂


Of course this all ended in her favorite activity – taking a bath!!!


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