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Svara is blossoming more and more every day.  I love seeing the new things she thinks up and is able to do.

She’s having more fun in her toy kitchen, saying that she’s making bread, pizza, coffee, or crackers.  She takes her toy knife and pretends to cut up her toy bread to “make” it.  She pours coffee from her cooking pot and drinks it up.  She’ll say she’s hungry and pop something in the oven.  Of course I have to be nearby to enjoy whatever she’s making as well!

We spend some time each day drawing on her easel.  The other day she started doodling as usual, and then said “big circle!” as she drew this:


Here she is drawing with Naren:


Sometimes Svara will walk around trying to find something to do if I’m busy washing dishes or something and then I turn around and see something like this:


Keep amusing yourself little one!  These moments don’t last long, but they are cute when they do happen.  Svara is also inventing more and more dance moves.  And she likes to pick up a random container or anything really and pretend it’s icecream and pretend to eat it.

I love imagination!


One thought on “Creativity

  1. Her drawings look great! Little Elvis hates to draw and color. He got a magnadoodle for Christmas and likes to make a dot and then immediately erase it. The easel looks like it gets lots of use!

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