Happy Naw-Ruz!

family, out and about, Svara

March 21st marked not only the first day of spring, but the first day of the Baha’i year as well.  For most Baha’is it is also the end of a month of fasting, a time for feasting and fun!

We spent Naw-Ruz day with Naren’s family.  Svara had lots of fun playing with her cousins and eating treats which she very rarely gets!


“Why can’t I have this every day, Mama??”


Trying to keep the overtired kids occupied


The next day we went to a friend’s house for their Naw-Ruz open house dinner.  Here is Svara all dressed up in her Indian outfit!


I love her smile in this one!


And here is the second time I’ve attempted to put french braids in her hair.  She’s getting a lot better at letting me do her hair!


This about sums up our week.  We have been home/to bed late for almost a week.  The past two nights Svara hasn’t even gotten to bed until 10:45pm!!!  However, she does not sleep longer in the mornings, she still got up at 7am this morning.  This makes for a tired girl as you can see 🙂  Not to worry, tonight she was in bed by 9:15 and hopefully tomorrow we’ll make it closer to her 8 o’clock usual bedtime!



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