The Incredible (Tiny) Hulk

crafts, family, Svara

This is what happens when Svara loses her temper:


Haha.  Actually it was from homemade green paint.  As usual she didn’t last long using the brush and started in with the hands on the paper and then quickly it went to hands on body, face, etc.  I gave her a sponge to make prints with on the paper and she ended up pretending it was deodorant and sponging the paint into her armpits.  ew!

After this rather messy activity we let her run around outside with the hose.  Here she is with mosts of the green paint off, but still a tinge on her face:


The other day it started pouring and Naren and Svara sat in the doorway enjoying the downpour.  Svara is eating one of her favorite new snacks: peanut butter on a spoon.



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