Reclaiming My Sanity

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This has been a week of little sleep!!!!!

Actually it’s been a few weeks since first Svara was sick and then she was teething.  Now I don’t know what the deal is.  Whether she’s going through a needy phase or if she’s just used to getting to nurse as much as she wants at night.

But it came to a breaking point two nights ago.  Every night Svara would wake up around midnight and want to nurse.  I’d nurse her and put her to bed.  Ten minutes later, just as I drifted off to sleep, she’d cry for more milk.  So I’d nurse her again.  Sometimes it was only 2 or 3 times in a row, but it started getting worse and worse.  We’d be up for more than two hours doing this over and over again.  With only a few hours of sleep under my belt each day, I’ve resorted to napping every day while she naps.  This does NOT increase my productivity and does NOT make for a clean house!  I’ve managed to put food on the table, but that’s about it.

Two nights ago it came to a breaking point. I had to literally bite my pillow to keep from screaming when she woke up yet again after more than an hour of this up and down action.  ENOUGH my body screamed!!  I decided to go cold turkey and not let her nurse from midnight until morning.  It took lots of crying and hugs, but a couple hours later she finally fell asleep.  Had to go through it again a couple hours later.  Last night was a bit better.  It took her 3 hours to get to sleep without the nursing, but there was not as much crying.  I still only got 4 hours of sleep, though.  Hopefully tonight will be better!

I want to give Svara what she needs, but I need to be a happy and functioning Mama too, and that means SLEEP.

goodnight folks 🙂


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