Happy Birthday Sweetie!

family, Svara

Wow, I can’t believe Svara is two years old!!!

She had her birthday party tonight (barbecue dinner followed by cake and icecream).  Of course the most fun part is seeing all our friends.  First Svara’s cousins arrived and Svara had fun playing with them upstairs while the rest of the guests arrived:


We had to put away all her downstairs toys as there was no room for playing downstairs with everyone there.  So it is a good thing she has a nice play area upstairs where the kids could go and play during the party!!

Here are a couple pictures of friends and family enjoying the barbecue:



Time for cake and icecream!



Near the end of the party Svara got to open her presents.  She was having so much fun with this first present that she didn’t want to open any others!


But she finally got interested when she saw the other presents also contained fun looking gifts! Here she could hardly wait for me to take the playset out of the package.  Man, I think packaging gets harder to open every year!


Big hug for Aunty Debby!


She had to change clothes as soon as she opened this cute outfit from Uncle Siva.  And she’s holding her new Barbie doll from her uncle Maran (aka Amman).  I had to sneak away the small accessories before handing over the doll, though, as she still tends to put things in her mouth a lot!


Svara had so much fun at her party that she didn’t want to go to bed.  She stayed up until around 10:30, which is probably a good thing, as she had to burn off all the sugar that she is not used to eating!!

Tomorrow is Svara’s real birthday.  We want to take her on a fun outing, but we’ll have to see if she’s recouped from tonight’s party first!


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