Peasants and Buddy Puddys

family, Svara

Svara is still talking about her “buddy puddy” and how she got “peasants” and ate chocolate icecream and had cake and listing the people that came.    With all these reminders you’d think I’d remember to put up the rest of her birthday pictures! 😛  So here they are:

Her birthday party was actually the evening before her birthday.  On the morning of her birthday we skyped with my family back in Wisconsin so they could watch Svara opening the present from them:


They had gotten her a baby Furby and it was fun watching her be fascinated by this toy which was talking by itself.  Since she has just gotten a Barbie doll the night before she started getting confused between Furby and Barbie and had to keep asking me throughout the next couple days which was which.  She calls them “Fuhby” and “Bahbee”.

Apparently Svara had had enough of presents for awhile, because after opening the Furby she refused to open her birthday presents from us.  So I put them on the floor and told her she could open them when she wanted to.  She showed her feelings by gently kicking the pile of presents to the wall:


So I put the presents on a chair and later in the afternoon she finally decided to go  ahead and open them:


See, Svara, presents can be fun!


Svara liked this Dora playground set, but she was so excited that she wanted to go on all of the equipment, too!



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