Night Weaning

parenting, Svara

Many moons  ago I had no idea that I’d be in the process of night weaning Svara at this point.  I thought I’d have finished with that by the time she was a year old!  But I’ve learned a lot since then.  When I was working she was on a pretty strict nursing schedule at night since I had to pump all day long and needed her to nurse at the right time in the morning, etc.  After I quit working (almost a year ago!) I thought she’d naturally night wean since I was around all day for her.  Not quite!  Sometimes I could get her down to nursing twice a night and then by the next month she’d be up to nursing 5 to 10 times a night again.  So last month I started slowly backing off the night nursings again, as I was going bonkers with little sleep (I blogged about that already). Over about a period of a month I got her down to nursing once or twice a night (again).

Finally a week ago today I took the plunge.  I nursed Svara before bed as usual and told her that just like Svara was going to sleep, “maymay” was going to sleep.  I told her that she could have maymay again in the morning.  She woke up in the middle of the night as usual, hoping to nurse.  I told her that maymay was sleeping and she could have it in the morning.  She wasn’t overly upset.  She had a drink of water and some hugs.  But it was hard for her to get back to sleep.  There were several hours where she just made little noises and tried to get back to sleep.  I had to get up a lot to give her drinks of water and find her pacifier.  The next night was a bit better, and it’s still gradually getting better.  She’ll still wake up once or twice, but she’s pretty good about asking for some water and a hug and then going back to sleep.

I know it’s only been a week, but we decided to take yet ANOTHER big step.  Putting Svara in her own room!  We have three rooms upstairs.  Our bedroom, a spare bedroom, and the “baby room”.   The “baby room” was where we kept all of Svara’s clothes, the changing table, diapers, all baby related items.  So we’ve installed an air conditioner and turned it into Svara’s room.  We bought her a little bed and set up some of her books and toys in there and put up the baby gate in the doorway.

Last night was her first night there.  We took a tiny step backwards in night weaning, as I nursed her when she woke up at 5:30 in the morning whereas usually I wait until 6:30 to 7, when it starts getting light.  But I figured it was her first night in a new room so I could be a little flexible.  Tomorrow morning I’ll ask her to wait until the sun comes up again.  We’ll see how it goes!

The pictures are in the camera on a high shelf in her room, so I can’t post them right now.  I’ll do that tomorrow and let you know how well she’s liking her own room!

My baby is growing up!  A bit sad sometimes, but also exciting to see 🙂


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