Big Girl Bed

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As I mentioned in the previous post, we’ve moved Svara into her own room.  I thought that it would be a very gradual move.  That we’d set up the room and she’d play in it during the day and get used to it, and then eventually want to sleep there.  But as usual, my little girl surprised me!

Here was the day we bought and set up the bed:


It is an extendable bed from Ikea.  So the two extra pieces of mattress are for when we make the bed bigger.  Svara thought they were pillows:


She had lots of fun pretending to go to sleep and then jumping up and saying “good morning!”


We didn’t have the sheets washed and hadn’t bought a blanket for her yet, so she couldn’t try out the bed that night.  She was pretty bummed about that, but I told her she could see her new bed in the morning and she was up bright and early to see her new bed!

The next day we finished toddler proofing the room and getting the bed ready, so we let Svara try to sleep there that night.  Her bedtime is around 8 o’clock.  I was going to give her until 10 o’clock and if she wasn’t asleep by then I would put her back in her crib.

But she fell asleep in an hour! There was lots of nursing in that time, and her getting up and coming to the door and calling to us (we put a baby gate at the door), but I’d go to her each time and sit with her and nurse her and eventually she was willing to fall asleep.  She slepts pretty well, too, only waking up at midnight for a drink of water, at 5:30 to nurse and then at 7, up for the morning.

She had her nap there the next day, too.  It only took half an hour for her to get to sleep.  She slept there last night, too.  She woke up quite a bit more (she’s still getting used to not nursing at night), but otherwise did great.  I just put her down for her second nap in her “new bed” and she went down without a peep.  Wow, what a big girl!

Here she is the first night in her new bed:


We’ve already gotten rid of the pillow.  She’s never used one up until now and this one was not flat enough for her so she didn’t use it anyway and it just took up room.  Not sure if I’ll give her a different one or just skip it for now.


One thought on “Big Girl Bed

  1. What a cool bed! I’m glad the transition is going well. We aren’t even going to attempt it until Little Elvis starts climbing out of his crib.

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