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Being the mother of a two-year-old is VERY different from being the mother of a baby.  Svara used to be dependent upon me for everything.  Even as she got older and started to enjoy playing, I had to play WITH her all the time.  Sit her up, show her things, talk to her, make up the stories, etc.  Over the past few months Svara has really started coming into her own with play.

Now SHE is the one who makes up the stories and I have to play along with her.  It fills me with wonderment each time I see her create a story, a play idea.

A few weeks ago I showed her how to put a blanket on the floor and pretend to make her baby doll sleep.  She really enjoyed this game and we played almost every day.  The other day she asked me, as usual, to spread out the blanket. So I did.  She started laying down on it, but then sat up instead, reached down to the blanket, and said “sandbox!  scoop scoop!” as she pretended to scoop sand into the air.  Wow!

Here she is pouring “water” on the “sand” (from her baby’s bottle)


and scooping the sand:


Svara likes to swing outside our house.  When she’s swinging she looks around to see birds, people passing, etc.  One day I was pushing her and she pointed to the neighbor’s tree and said “monkey!”.  At first I thought she actually saw a monkey.  But it turns out she was pretending she saw a monkey!  And it turned out to be a pink monkey, too!  Now every time she swings she tells me what she “sees” in the tree.  There is almost always a monkey.  Sometimes there is also a snake, a frog, a zebra, an elephant, and sometimes even a shark!

Gotta go, Svara just woke up from her nap.  Time for another afternoon full of imagination!  Gotta love this 🙂


One thought on “Wonderment

  1. Pretend games are fun! Ours don’t involve dolls, though. Little Elvis most recently has decided that it’s tons of fun to pretend to eat the walls and door jambs. They are yummy-yummy!

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