And Then…


Svara has started to tell stories.  When Naren and I are having a conversation she has always tried to join in.  First by babbling, and then by pretending to be in on the conversation by adding a few words here and there.  She has now taken it to another level.  This afternoon Naren was telling a story about his coworker.  Svara knows this man and understood that Naren was talking about him.  So she started in with her own story about him and another uncle going into a house, and I’m not quite sure what else happened.  She doesn’t seem to mind that we don’t understand what her story is all about, as long as we put in enough “oh”s and “wow”s.  Her favorite transition is “and then…”.  I guess because she likes Naren to tell her stories while she eats and he uses it a lot, so she knows it belongs in stories.  I’m sure it’s not long now before she starts telling me all of her dreams, too!

I love all of her pretending.  If she’s playing and says she wants to get something she stands up, walks a few paces away, then turns back and holds out her hand as if she’s holding the object in it.

Here we were sitting outside the house one evening and she noticed that the groups of flower buds on these weeds looked like broccoli.  So she started picking them and feeding them to her monkey.  Now she has no more broccoli so she just picks the leaves and makes salads instead.  I remember using plants as pretend food when I was a kid, so it’s nice to see her do the same.


Here she was trying to get a piece of “broccoli” out of the monkey’s mouth



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