Diaper Junkies


Some women can spend hours shopping for shoes, or just the right color of lipstick.  I like shopping too, but ever since I became pregnant I enjoy shopping for my daughter even more than shopping for myself.  Toys, clothes, you name it.  But there is one item which I really enjoy looking at, and that is cloth diapers.  And I’m not the only one, there are a LOT of diaper junkies out there!

Before Svara was born I did tons of research and decided to go with Bumwear pocket diapers.  While I enjoyed their cute look, over the months they started not working as well.  By the time Svara was 20 months old I had to throw away the shells.  The PUL had gone to shreds.  I also did not like the fact that there was not a natural material touching Svara’s skin.  Her skin has always been quite sensitive.  I also had many issues over the two yeras with the diapers repelling and leaking.

Since we will be going back to the US soon, I’ve been researching diapers again, to see which ones I want to get for when we have a second child.  I liked the look of Crickett’s diapers.  They are all natural material and I can put a cover over them (diapers that require covers seem to have less leaking issues!).

Then I saw these…..

the new….

Gro Baby  diaper system

You can see these beauties here:

gro_baby_in action_350

After reading about them and seeing some great reviews, I was sold.  These lovelies seem to be exactly what I am looking for.  They have a cover and an organic cotton insert.  They are said to be very absorbent and so many people exclaim how they don’t leak, even overnight. Plus since you can just change the insert and reuse the shell, you don’t have to buy so many shells as you do with pocket diapers.

I am sad to say that Svara has been wearing disposable diapers since the demise of our Bumwear.  She is potty trained during the day, but still wears a diaper every night and every nap, and also when we go out.  I have a few prefolds, but the covers I have aren’t big enough anymore, so they tend to leak.  And they aren’t enough for nighttime anyway.

Since I am so excited about these diapers, I’ve decided to get some now instead of waiting.   I can use them for Svara for naps and night, and even some outings, and still use them for the next baby as well.  I was going to wait until we go back to the US to get my stash, but I found a retailer here in Malaysia.  Lucky me!  Of course they are more expensive here..  but I’ll just get a few for naps and nighttime (probably 3 shells) and then get the rest of my stash in a couple months when I go back to the US.  I’ll probably order them soon and have them shipped to my parent’s house so I can have them as soon as I arrive!  haha


2 thoughts on “Diaper Junkies

  1. That’s good to know about the BumWear diapers. We plan to use cloth diapers with Baby Plum, and I got some over the internet this weekend. I’m overwhelmed by the huge amount of options, so I went with some pockets and some that have covers.

  2. I am a cloth diaper junkie, too! Thought I would like pockets but ended up going old school with flats and wool. I love my flats and wool. there’s nothing like natural fibers. A good source of info for cloth diapers is http://www.diaperswappers.com. I spent a lot of time there before my second was born figuring it all out.

    I also wanted to say that I think it’s a fabulous idea to get some new cloth diapers now. You never know how long Svara will need them, so you might as well. (I wish I had known this.) Plus then you get to try them out before you need a whole bunch for a new baby.

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