Independent Streak


Svara’s independent streak is showing up more and more these days!  Of course that’s what being two is all about, right?  haha!

Usually it comes  out when she needs to do something, but we need her to do something else.  It’s time to leave the house so she needs to put on a diaper, but she does NOT want to.  This ends up being a forced issue every time with Naren holding her up while I put the diaper on and she screams.  But a minute later as we’re getting into the car she’s totally fine.

Most of the time we’re pretty lenient and let her do things on her own if she wants, and in her own way.  She gets to choose what she wants to wear each day, for example.  Because of this she hasn’t worn underwear for more than two weeks.  I bought her Dora and Nemo underwear thinking she’d love to wear them.  Nah, she’d rather go without!  If I show her a pair of underwear she takes it from me, walks away, and throws it.  I tried a few times forcing her to wear it, but it led to the rest of the morning being NOT fun, so I don’t press it.  She wears pants and a shirt of her choosing each day (nevermind the 15 nice pairs of shorts she’s got, who needs those?).

I remember when I was a kid sometimes feeling as if I was trapped in a box, having to do exactly as I was told whether I wanted to or not (even if it was a small issue), and I didn’t like that.  I think there should definitely be boundaries, but I think it’s okay to leave the boundaries for the more important issues.  I think some children have an easier time of just going along with things, and some want to find their own way and do it their own way.  Svara seems to be one of these.  She certainly keeps me on my toes and helps me practice my flexibility!

A new way to play with beads:



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