Pocket Diapers


For anyone who cares…

I feel I need to make a clarification about my brief mention of Bumwear diapers in the last poll, it wasn’t quite a fair explanation.

The Bumwear diapers are cute and well made.  I know others who have used them with absolutely no problems.  The problems I had with them stemmed from several things.  My washing machine is small, so it’s harder to make sure all the detergent rinses out, leading to detergent buildup (also I think the water here is hard, which doesn’t help).  In order to deal with detergent buildup I used to scrub the diapers with a brush.  I later learned that the particular brush I was using was NOT the right one to do this with and that probably had a lot to do with the eventual destruction of the outer PUL layer.  Also, I always tumble dried my covers, now I know it’s better to line dry them to extend their life.

I personally will not go back to pocket diapers considering the problems I have had.  But I think they are a great concept and I know they work for many people.  Even though they did not last as long as I had hoped, they still did save us money in the long run, and space in the landfill!

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t give Bumwear diapers a bad rap, since I’m sure if they were properly taken care of they’d be as great as any other one size pocket diaper out there.


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