More Gloopy Fun

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Playing with gloop is one of Svara’s favorite activities since I introduced it to her a couple months ago.  Simply a mixture of cornstarch and water, it is easy to prepare, easy to clean up, and lots of fun to play with!  Here is a picture of Svara playing with some gloop a few weeks.  I couldn’t get a good shot because I only had my camera phone with me:


Usually I put about a cup of cornstarch in a bowl and add enough water to get the consitency I want.  This time she had a bit more, though.  There are lots of things to do with gloop:

Use a spoon to scoop it into other containers (like that purple mold in the picture)

Stick your hand in it and feel it ooze

Put your feet in and wiggle your toes!

Spoon it onto a towel to create a puddle, and then pick up the piece (Svara likes this best and says she’s making birthday cake which she then breaks into little pieces)

Pour from one container into another

Practice measuring

Make plastic animals walk in it

I’m sure there’s lots more you can think of!

A thinner gloop is eaiser for scooping and pouring, and slightly thicker gloop is easier for making “cakes”.

I suppose you could re-use the gloop, but we never have because she make such a mess of it and usually ends up with her feet in it, too, so we don’t keep it.

And just because I was clearing off the pictures on my phone, here’s one extra that has nothing to do with gloop:


This huge mug was filled with fresh coconut water, one of the things I’ll miss when we move away from Malaysia.  They just open up a coconut, pour the water into a mug and scrape out the fresh coconut meat and add that in, too.  Very refreshing on a hot day!


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