A New Favorite


I know, I should be putting up new pictures of Svara, but I’ve been so lazy with the camera lately and I don’t have any (hanging head in shame).

But I do have a new favorite quick meal recipe that I thought I’d share.

In college I was a big fan of boxed macaroni and cheese.  It was cheap (if you buy store brand), quick, and versatile.  As I try not to eat much dairy anymore and this stuff is full of who knows what chemicals or other odd ingredients, I don’t eat it anymore (well, once every year or two I do, but my stomach is always sorry afterwards).  I do enjoy a good vegan cheesy sauce, but it’s just not as easy as the boxed stuff, you know?  cook noodles, toss in dry mix, butter, milk, eat!

So I was intrigued when I saw this recipe the other day.  I whipped up a batch in my food processor and today I tried it for lunch.  I cooked up some noodles (about a quarter of a pound) and tossed in a quarter cup of the mix, half a cup of water, and a dab of dairy free margarine (just for some extra creaminess).  It was good!  Of course it does not taste like the box stuff, but who wants something to taste like a box anyway?  hehe.  It was just as easy, tasty, and my tummy knows I ate something familiar instead of foreign.  Two thumbs up!

If you give this a try make sure you blend those cashews and sunflower seeds up as much as possible!  Mine was still a bit grainy.  I’m sure I could blend the mix with the water before adding to the noodles, but that’s an extra step and when in need of a quick satisfying meal, who needs an extra step?


One thought on “A New Favorite

  1. Wow – that photo in your link looks exactly like mac-n-cheese. My husband tries to eat vegan, so I’ll have to mark this. I just wish they would sell it in easy-to-make packages for 50 cents a piece… 🙂

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