Family Fun

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This past weekend we had the opportunity to spend lots of time with Naren’s family.  His sister who lives further away was also here with her daughter.  On Saturday morning Naren’s parents and two of our nieces came over for a few hours.  Svara had tons of fun playing her cousins.  Here is a picture of her and Iyshanie:


When Svara saw that Iyshanie had a headband in, she had to go find one as well!  Svara did a good job sharing for the most part.

The next day we went to Naren’s parent’s house.  To keep the kids cool we brought the blow up pool:


Svara didn’t want to stay in the pool until Naren got in.  After awhile it was my turn, of course.  I hadn’t been planning on going in, so I didn’t bring my suit.  But at least I had brought a change of clothing, so I was set.  Svara loves pretending to swim in her pool, but when sharing with several other kids (plus an adult!) there isn’t much room, so she wasn’t quite as keen as usual.  Of course once the other kids got out to go shower we had a hard time getting her out!

Svara was so excited about being with all of her cousins that she didn’t want to take a nap, but she napped in the car on the way home (at 5:00), making for a late bedtime of course!  But that’s okay, a few days of messed up schedule is worth it to see her have so much fun with her cousins 🙂


One thought on “Family Fun

  1. Sounds like a very fun time! Little Elvis is only minorly into his cousins right now. I’m from a very loud family and I think that has a LOT to do with it.

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