Keeping Busy

crafts, Svara

As the parent of any toddler knows, sometimes you have to be innovative with your activities in order to keep the attention of your little one.  Sometimes you think of ideas on your own, from friends, from books or other sources.  And sometimes inspiration comes from your child.  This day Svara was following me around asking for presents.  So I took some of her toys and wrapped them up in newspaper.  She spent quite a long time opening up “presents”!  She even asked for a container to put her scraps in.  So I gave her the basket you see in the picture to put the paper in.  Of course once she was finished wrapping presents she dumped the overflowing basket of paper scraps all over the floor.  Fun times…


Here she is after she has opened a few “presents”.  Each time she opened one she excitedly said “look!”


Another day she was playing with playdough and she asked me for some paper.  I gave her a piece of paper, but she said no and went into the kitchen.  She pointed to a drawer and asked for paper.  Turns out she wanted some foil.  So I gave her a piece.  She put her playdough in, called it a cupcake, and baked it in an “oven”.



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