I love doing puzzles.  I hoped to cultivate this fun habit with Svara when I bought her first wooden puzzle for her first birthday.  But while she was quite happy to take out and dump out the pieces, she didn’t really have any interest in trying to put the puzzle back together.  A few months later I bought a cardboard puzzle with animals that have 3-6 pieces in each.  She didn’t mind watching me put together the puzzle, but again, no great interest.  Other people mention how their toddlers enjoy doing puzzles and I wondered if Svara would ever gain interest…

Then a few weeks ago she started trying to put together the 3 piece puzzle of a sheep.  After a week or two she mastered it and quite proudly put it together by herself each time.  From then on, day by day, she gets better at her puzzles.  There are now several that she can put together by herself.  I bought a few more for her and each day we sit down and do puzzle after puzzle together.


Yay for puzzles!


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