Trip to the Beach

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We’ve been wanting a bit of a getaway for awhile, and this past week we finally made it happen!  We went to the Avillion resort in Port Dickson for three days and two nights.  It was a lot of fun and nice to get away!  Port Dickson doesn’t have the nicest beaches in  Malaysia, but the sand was fine for playing in and Svara loved the pools for swimming!

Here are a few (okay, more than a few!) pictures of our trip:

The first day we went Svara had lots of fun playing in the sand.  We were staying in one of the water chalets you see in the background.


Svara loved the water and wanted to swim in it.  Not the cleanest beaches in Malaysia, but it’s the closest to KL and the sand is fine for playing.  I was trying to avoid stepping in seaweed!


Naren showing Svara a baby crab.  She touched it, but was not interested in holding it.  Can’t say I blame her!


Reading bedtime stories in our canopy bed.  There was also a daybed off to the side where Svara slept.


They had a litle pet farm and the kids could go in and feed the pets each morning.  Svara had lots of fun with this!


Once Svara found out there was a pool it was hard getting her to do anything else, we spent a lot of time here!


The resort was very green, lots of beautiful plants to look at.  It was nice and breezy, too, and a bit cooler than here in the city.  A nice getaway!


It was a lot of fun, we’ll have to go back again!!



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