My sly little girl

parenting, Svara

In the past few weeks Svara has started something new.  It began when we got a new spray hose in the downstairs bathroom.  It is within Svara’s reach as she’s sitting on the toilet.  If I put her on the toilet and leave the bathroom I can hear her pressing the lever which sprays the water.  If I stick around the bathroom she asks me to go away.  If I peek back at her while I’m walking away I see her hand go to the hose and she’ll pull it back and say “stand out there Mama”.  As soon as I leave I hear the water.  I never told her she couldn’t spray the hose but I guess she thinks I’ll tell her not to.

A couple weeks later we were at a playdate at a friend’s house.  She found out that the oven in the kitchen had fun knobs and it was low enough for her to reach.  Uh-oh!  I took her out of there several times.  At one point I was standing in front of the kitchen door, at the same time blocking her way and chatting with a friend.  She said “Go there, Mama!” and pointed to the next room.  I had an inkling what she was up to.  I shifted out of the way to see, and sure enough she ran for the kitchen.

Two days ago I bought Svara a new toothbrush.  Usually in the mornings I let her brush her own teeth, but at night I do it first.  Since it was a new toothbrush she wanted to do it.  I said I’ll brush first, then she can.  She said “Mama go to the bathroom?”  I just looked at her, kind of confused.  Then she said “How ‘about….” and pointed to the hamper with her dirty clothes  “Mama put washing machine”  Then I knew, she wanted me to go away so she could brush her teeth herself.  I couldn’t help it, I laughed.  She didn’t appreciate this much and immediately started bawling.  I let her brush first, then I took over and did my job.

Yesterday I was taking pictures and videos of her playing with playdough.  She wanted to see the video, so I played it back on the camera and showed her.  Then she said “Mama go bathroom.”  This time I knew she wanted me to get out of the way for some thing, and it had to be the camera.  So I picked up the camera and said “okay”.  She said “no, put camera on table.  Mama go bathroom.”

Sorry, chica, no can do.

At least this time I avoided the waterworks, I didn’t laugh at her and I just put the camera away and diverted her attention with the playdough.

So… my little girl thinks she can get away with things when Mama is not in the room… oh boy, here we go!


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