World Breastfeeding Week


I was browsing through some blogs today and accidentally found out that it is world breastfeeding week!  So to honor the occasion, I just wanted to shout it out from my little corner of the blogosphere.

Although breastfeeding is nature’s way of feeding your baby,  is the number one purpose of women’s breasts, and that there are countless benefits to both mother and baby, there are sadly so many conflicting points of view over the matter.  It is so ridiculous and sad how many people feel that it is unnatural, not needed, or indecent.

I’m not talking about mothers who choose to formula feed, for there are many reasons why women do so, and it is every woman’s right to choose.  I’m talking about those people who look down upon mothers who are breastfeeding, who discourage them, who would think you are disgusting for feeding your baby in a public place instead of a dirty toilet stall but who would then watch a movie showing a topless woman and not even blink.

Take a minute to look at this link and see how completely backward some people are:

THANKFULLY, I’ve never had to face the issue of someone telling me to go nurse in private.  Partially because most of the shopping malls around here have nursing rooms.  During those few times I had to nurse in a more public place I was pretty careful to cover up as much as I could, and I never got much of a glance.  Perhaps because my husband was with me, and if anyone ever dared say anything he’d give them more than their two cents  haha!

However, last year when Svara was 17 months old and I had to travel to the US by myself with her, I nursed her MANY MANY times in public.  Waiting for the plane, in the plane, etc.  Nobody said a peep.  Not even when I was seated between two guys for an hour and a  half leg of my trip and Svara nursed the WHOLE time, switching from side to side.  She was in the sling and I was able to cover myself well, but still… and she was always kicking one or other other.  Gotta give those guys props!  I DID offer to take the aisle seat, but the guy said no, so I couldn’t feel too bad about her kicking him…  anyway….  point is, I’m grateful to have only had positive nursing in public experiences!


2 thoughts on “World Breastfeeding Week

  1. I was always nervous breastfeeding in public, especially in the beginning. I made a little cape and put a cute saying on it and never heard any negative comments. But since we’ve moved to a much more um… conservative place… I’m wondering if my experiences this time will be as positive. I’m hoping so. Because I’m pretty sure Little Elvis will not just want to sit in a bathroom while I feed his baby brother.

  2. Thanks for publicizing this! I’ve had a similar experience nursing on intercontinental flights – for some reasons that’s been my daughter’s preferred entertainment on an airplane – she will nurse the entire time – all 11 -12 hours if I let her! But our seat companions, generally male it seems, have been just fine with it…

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