Pretzel Tutorial

crafts, Svara

Here is Svara to show you how to make pretzels!

First you start with a long rope of dough:


Then you sprinkle it with cinnamon:


Next you position it just so….


You fold in one side and press well:


Press in the second side now:


lastly you squish it all up into a ball of dough and eat it!  (“just poh-tend eat” Svara has to remind you)


After about two weeks of daily pretzel twisting, Svara is getting quite good.  I’ll have to get a picture of her more recent attempts.  She actually crosses the two sides now.  So while there is no twist in the middle, it still has the required three holes of a pretzel.  She also likes to put it into a bowl of “baking water” (water with baking soda) and then into an “oven” to finish cooking.  Oh, and she doesn’t forget the sprinkling of salt either!


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