My poor Svara has gotten her share of bumps and bruises over her two years of life, but this one was, I believe, the worst.

She was climbing onto my lap at the computer, as she does every single day.  But she lost her balance and knocked her eye on the edge of the desk.  A couple minutes later it looked like this:


To make matters worse, Naren wasn’t at home, he was hours away with his sister.  Talk about panic time!  But as there was no bleeding, and Svara didn’t cry for long, I simply treated it with ice and lots of arnica.  She played the rest of the afternoon as if nothing had happened, except to stop once in awhile and explain that she hurt her eye.

The next day she was pretty grumpy all day, I wonder if she was perhaps suffering from a headache?  Who knows!   But the swelling had reduced drastically and Naren was home.

The next week it looked like this:


Poor little Svara looked as if she was wearing eye shadow of various shades of purple and yellow for about two weeks.  And she had to explain several times every day what happened to her eye.

But she’s fine now, the bruise is completely gone.  I’m so thankful this is all it was and there was no worse damage.  Accidents happen so quickly!!!


One thought on “Shiner

  1. Poor little girl! I’m glad she didn’t bleed, that would have been pretty scary for both of you I’m sure. Little Elvis gave himself a little shiner last week. He ran full speed into the corner of the couch and knocked himself flat on the ground.

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