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Wow, it’s been almost four weeks since my last post!  It’s true that I have been busy, but I’ve also been lazy about posting 😛  I made lots of posts in my head!  So instead of trying to catch up on each of the posts I wanted to do, here’s a smattering of a bunch of things we’ve been up to!

Here is Svara helping me to make some real pretzels!  I rolled them out and she folded them.   She had lots of fun eating her own pretzel creations.  I had lots of “fun” trying to get her to NOT eat the dough.


More gloop!  This time we played in the sink, which I found to be much easier to clean up afterwards!!



Svara and I started a little garden in the window box.  We planted basil, chives, carrots, and three types of flowers.  The basil came up really well, and so did the carrots.  one type of flower came up.  Well, at least we’ll have pesto!  When we come back from our US vacation we’ll replant the flowers.


Fun times at the indoor playground!


And art projects!  Here I cut out the leaves and flowers for Svara to glue onto the tree trunk I drew.  She did it, but had even more fun cutting up the extra piece of green paper with her plastic scissors.  She loves cutting!


Svara also loves painting!  These paint bottles are great.  No spilling, no wasting of paint!  They are not as washable as crayola products, but they are still fairly washable.



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