Diaper Stores


One of these days I’ll post with some pictures of our visit, as we are visiting my parents in Wisconsin right now.   I have to get used to the computer setup here, first, and get my pictures downloaded. 

Until then, I thought I’d share some great online cloth diaper stores.  One of the things I”ve been doing lately is researching cloth diapers, and also ordering some.  My choices in Malaysia are a bit limited, and I wanted to get some that I can’t get there.  So here are some great sites in case you are ever in the market for awesome cloth diapers!

www.diapershops.com   This is a group of several stores.  Personally I’ve ordered from kellyscloset.com  They have a great selection, awesome sales, and often have great coupon sales.  I always check their blog at www.theclothdiaperwhisperer.com for the latest coupon codes and entering to win free diapers!

Some other favorite sites are:

http://www.momsmilkboutique.com  (free shipping!)

http://www.abbyslane.com  (free shipping!)

http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com  (the best prefolds!)




There are MANY more great sites out there, but these are some that I think are pretty awesome. 

If you never thought about cloth diapering, do some research and take a look at all the awesome options out there.  There’s nothing like wrapping your baby in soft cloth rather than paper and plastic which you know ends up in a landfill!


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