Long Journey

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Svara and I were visiting my family in Wisconsin for two months.  We’re back home in Malaysia now.  I haven’t downloaded all the pictures from the trip yet, I just have a few that were on my camera.  So I’ll share a few of those and hopefully soon I’ll get things together and show you all the fun that Svara had in Wisconsin, snow and all!

This is from Thanksgiving weekend, when my sister Zeta was able to come home.  My brother Xander came home too, but I never did get a picture of him and Svara seeing as Svara was super shy around him!  Zeta, on the other hand, is Svara’s best bud!

Here are the best buds playing with my old care bear house:

and reading bedtime stories:

Then it was time to come home!  An almost two day journey if I count from the time I left my parent’s house!  We were really lucky that this time it wasn’t a full flight! (on the way there it was 100% packed).  In the row of five seats we got three of them to ourselves, and there was a lady who had the two other seats, so nice and roomy!  Here is Svara lounging in her seat watching Beatrix Potter stories and Mr. Rogers on our  DVD player.  The DVD player was kind of heavy to have in the carry-on, but it was worth it!  They show cartoons on the plane tvs as well, but Svara likes her own the best!  And she doesn’t like head phones yet, either.   With the portable DVD player I could have the sound up loud enough for her to hear, yet other people sitting in front of us couldn’t hear us (yay for white noise in airplanes!).

All in all it was a good journey back.  Tiring of course (Svara didn’t sleep nearly enough!) and the food was terrible as usual, but Svara was pretty good natured about it all and we didn’t have any problems with luggage or delays.  Yay!

When we got out of the airport Svara was SO happy to see Naren. I thought she might be shy since she hasn’t seen him for 2 months, but nope!  It was Papa this and Papa that all the way home.  She chattered non stop, telling him all the things she did in Wisconsin. Making up for all the times she didn’t want to talk to him on the phone I guess  haha!  If I answered a question she’d say “No, Papa say!”

Then we got home and she had tons of fun seeing the house again, her room, her toys, and playing with her Papa!  Here she is telling Papa what everything in the dollhouse is.

We’re glad to be home!!

2 thoughts on “Long Journey

  1. wow, you are soo courageous travelling by yourself with a young one! I haven’t done that yet. Looks like you had a great trip. I love family. I didn’t know you had so many siblings! Hope you are readjusting to malaysia. I wish I was there!!!

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