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Svara has taken a big leap in her drawing over the past week or so.  She drew circles and lines, and would say that’s what they were.  Occasionally she’d scribble something and say what it was, but she didn’t really make any effort to make it look like something.  Until last week:

Svara is drawing people!!  She’ll draw a big circle for the head, and then draw legs, arms, a face, and even hair!  Okay, so sometimes the person has like 5 legs instead of two, and several eyes as well.

It’s hard to tell, but there are three people in this picture.  Two small green ones, and  large black one.  The black person has many legs, and several arms as well.  Lots of eyes, and the brown stuff on top is hair. The two bigger brown scribbles are spiders.  The middle person (green) is a picture of me.  My legs are coming out of the top of my head.    The person on the left is Svara.  The brown scribbles on top of us are frogs.

I took a video of her making this whole drawing and I just watched it, that’s how I know what everything was   haha!

This is one of Svara’s favorite places:

Here she is “doing her letters”.  She takes my old calendar that I use for note paper and a pen, and she scribbles over the writing on it.

This is also the place she likes to sit and eat her snacks.

And have her self-given time outs.   If we tell her to pick something up and she doesn’t refuses I’ll ask if she needs a time-out first.  She’ll say yes and then she’ll go sit on that step for a minute.  Then she’ll get up and pick up whatever it was she was supposed to pick up.  I’m not sure how long that’ll last, but I think it’s pretty funny.


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