Yummy Good!

family, food, Svara

When Svara likes a food she says it is yummy good!  Which is what she said about the mango icecream I made her yesterday.  She was eating the icecream from a cone and she bit the bottom.  She learned very quickly that that’s not the best way to eat a cone!  She ended up eating the rest of the icream like this:

I don’t get much cooking done during the day, but I try to include Svara whenever possible so that I can get SOME things done.  So the other day I had some homemade veggie sausages and some leftover bread dough in the fridge, so we made sausage rolls for lunch.  I guess I have to say that Svara made them.  After watching me make the first one, she took over!

She took each piece of dough, dipped it in the flour, and rolled it out:

Then she added a piece of sausage and rolled it up!

Plop Set it gently on the pan, and they’re ready to pop in the oven! (Svara didn’t do that part of course)

Thanks for lunch, Svara!


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