Happy Naw-Ruz!

family, out and about, Svara

This post is a few weeks overdue, but better late than never, right?

For Naw-Ruz this year we of course wanted to spend some time with family, but as they live about an hour away there is always the question of what we should do about Svara’s sleeping times as she very VERY rarely will nap in the car.

We decided to just go with the flow, skip her nap for the day, and have fun with the family.  We paid for it later, but it was still worth it!

First we went to Naren’s sister’s house where the whole family gathered for breakfast.

This isn’t everyone, but it’s as close as I’ve got!  Me along with two of my sisters-in-law and ALL of the cousins!!  Of course the three youngest ones are either not looking at the camera or making strange faces!  LOL

After breakfast the kids spent some time playing together before going over to Naren’s parent’s house for a wonderful lunch!

Here is Svara, soaking in all of the attention she gets from her cousins!  She really loves spending time with them.

After lunch we drove to another of Naren’s sister’s houses to spend the evening.  Naren and I took the kids down to the pool for an evening swim.  They of course had a blast!

After supper it was time to go home!  Not only had Svara missed her nap, but usually she’s in bed by 7pm and it was already past 9pm!  Luckily she was still in a great mood!

She still didn’t fall asleep in the car (I was ready to, though!) but knocked out when she got into bed.  Unfortunately she still decided to rise early the next morning despite the late bedtime 😛  But that’s okay, we all had a wonderful time with family and can’t wait to get together as a group again!


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