Art Projects

crafts, Svara

Svara loves doing art projects!  Usually we’ll take out the paper, scissors, glue, and just see what we (she) wants to make!  Here are some pictures of a few of our recent projects.

Building a rocket out of a toilet paper roll:

Svara’s main job was to glue on the windows that I had cut out, she LOVES gluing!

One of our new activities is to study a new letter each week.  I’m not doing a lot with it during this round, just introducing it, telling its sound, a few words that start with it, etc.  And usually doing an art project to go with it.  For “B” week we made birds.  I cut out the bodies and the feet.  Svara cut out the beaks, wings, and tails totally by herself and glued them on.  Here she is showing off one of them:

And of course gluing:

When coloring she is starting to try to actually color the picture instead of just scribbling all over, which is nice.  But she’s even more eager to draw than to color.  Today she was spending some time at the whiteboard.  When I came over I saw this:

I thought her little tiny people were SO cute!!  And all the scribbles are her “writing”.

If I ask Svara what she wants to do I can almost guarantee that the answer will be “art project!”


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