Oh the Drama!


I never would have thought that our largest source of drama during shopping trips would be because of this:

This is “Big Baby”, one of Svara’s two favorite dolls.  It is usually Big Baby who accompanies us for grocery shopping and other shopping trips.

The drama that surrounds Big Baby and our shopping trips is not on Svara’s part.  As long as Big Baby is along all is well.  It is from the public.  For some reason the majority of people who pass by us and see Big Baby (in Svara’s arms or sitting in the shopping cart or stroller) think it is real.  They get a fright.  Sometimes they panic (like the lady who saw Svara swing Big Baby upside down in the produce department).  Sometimes they follow us around and touch it.

It is kind of funny, but it’s also getting a bit old.  It’s a doll, people!  LOL  As if I would let my three year old walk around the store holding an infant!


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