Time to Get Messy

crafts, family, Svara

Svara loves doing art projects.  She also loves playing with her small toy dinosaurs and other animals, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to recycle some materials around the house, do a fun art project, and make a playset for her plastic dinosaurs.

I started by using some toilet paper tubes to create a rock, some trees, and a cave.  Svara was already having fun playing with it!

Then it was time to add the paper mache!  Svara wasn’t too sure about it at first, but then she got into it and had some fun:

After letting it dry in the sun for a day and a half it was ready to paint.  After the paint dried I added a clear coat of sealant, some paper leaves, and it was ready to play with!  Oh, for the lake I used white glue mixed with blue food coloring.  Took a day for that to dry as well, but it’s a great look!  Svara loves this playset and uses her dinosaurs and other plastic animals on it.  And it’s certainly better than anything we could have bought!


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