Times Goes Marching On


I see that it’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve written a blog post here!  In some ways it actually feels as though it’s been longer.

I love to include photos in my posts, but it’s getting more and more difficult to do that.  Svara is still quite sensitive to heat and she hates being sweaty.  Yet we live in a tropical climate.  The solution?  She only wears her underwear except for the moments when she puts on her princess dresses.  But they come off again in a few minutes as soon as she begins to feel sweaty.  I have quite a few photos, but I don’t feel comfortable putting photos of her up when she’s only in her underwear.

So what is Svara up to these days?  She loves anything princess.  She loves dressing like a princess and playing princess with her Barbies.  Of course where there is a princess there has to be a prince.  Since she has no boy doll, a lone doll with orange hair has taken its place as “prince”.  Mermaids are another fascination, thanks to Ariel.  She actually has not seen most of these Disney movies, we just happen to have a storybook that was given to us with some of the stories and she hung to them like glue from the first time I read them!  One night she was asking Naren if he could make her a mermaid, and this is what happened:

I was afraid that she’d be devastated when the costume wouldn’t stay on for more than a few minutes, but she was a good sport about it and had a lot of fun while it lasted.

She still loves her baby dolls and takes care of them lovingly every day.  She feeds them food from her toy kitchen and changes their diapers.  She has a growing stash of cloth diapers for her baby dolls.  She even tries to sneak diapers out of the stash I have waiting for our next baby to use them on her big baby doll.

She is a little goofball and spends much of each day trying to make us laugh with her “funny faces”.  I find it most amusing that most of her “funny faces” are also accompanied by specific hand and body postures.  Here are a few shots from last week.  I wish I could show you her lovely dance moves as well, but again, she wasn’t fully dressed.

And to counter her “funny faces”, her is her lovely grin!

One of Svara’s very favorite activities is still to go to the playground.  Unfortunately, we have been terrible in this regard.  Partly the heat, partly how “blah” we feel in the evening, we just don’t get out.  We went to the playground again yesterday and when I told Svara that we were going she was SO excited.  Literally jumping for joy, she couldn’t stop hopping around until we left the house.  Poor girl, we have GOT to get to the playground more often!  Once a week would be great!  Sigh… how lucky I was to grow up in a house with a big yard to play in!  Someday we really hope to have the same for Svara and future children.

Yet another activity that Svara still loves is art.  Painting especially.  Here she was putting paint onto sponges to do some printing.

Speaking of art, it is something I’ve gotten back into over the past couple of months as well (yet another reason I’ve been behind on this blog).  I’ve gotten back into my paper quilling and have been making jewelry, magnets, and gift cards.  I opened an etsy shop here:  Honey’s Hive and I also have a facebook page called Honey’s Quilling.   I’ve really enjoyed getting back into quilling, as it’s given me a creative outlet and something to think about other than cooking and cleaning.  Okay, so not that I’ve ever given a lot of thought to cleaning and my house has suffered a bit from my quilling work, but I think it’s worth it (though perhaps my poor husband would not agree haha).


I’ve made a few sales of my quilling items so far, and a few trades as well.  It’s been fun and I hope I can continue for a long time as I have so many ideas for new designs!

So I guess that very simply sums up what we’ve been up to.  Right now it’s time for me to get to bed, as I never know whether Svara will be waking up early or let me sleep in for a bit!


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