Craft Sale

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Last month I sold my paper quilling crafts (mostly jewelry) in my first craft market!  It was a busy two weeks preparing stock for the sale.  Naren and Svara were there for a couple hours helping me get set up, etc.  Then they left and picked me up when the day was over.  No way could Svara handle being there the whole day!  But she did have fun while she was there.  Here are a few pics:

Of course she had to bring a baby with her 🙂

Svara has grown to be sensitive to noises, especially if she’s in a place she doesn’t know.  There was some construction going on at the shopping complex where the craft sale was, and Naren caught a photo of her right when she heard a loud noise:

Much to Svara’s delight there was a ramp nearby.  She’s been fascinated with ramps from the moment she could walk!

It was fun to be at the craft sale and I hope to participate in a few more in the coming year, it always feels great to share my crafts that I enjoy so much!


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