Food in the Future

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Several months ago I watched The Zeitgeist Movement. In this film, which was eye opening in many ways, I specifically was interested in The Venus Project. The Venus project presents a picture of what the future could look like, in a world that is NOT based on money. Where noone would be afraid of losing their job, noone would go hungry, etc. This project appeals to me for many reasons, even though I cannot quite picture how it would all work.

One of the parts of the film talked about food. One of the directors of The Venus Project described how there are enough resources in the world to feed all of humanity. He also mentioned how only healthy foods would be available. When I heard that I thought that did not seem very fair. I mean, if someone wants to have a party and eat junk food, what’s wrong with that? At the same time, it does make sense, everyone knows it’s not good to eat junk food.

A couple weeks ago I read something in the Baha’i Writings that reminded me about this. This is what ‘Abdu’l-Baha says: “At whatever time highly-skilled physicians shall have developed the healing of illnesses by means of foods, and shall make provision for simple foods, and shall prohibit humankind from living as slaves to their lustful appetites, it is certain that the incidence of chronic and diversified illnesses will abate, and the general health of all mankind will be much improved. This is destined to come about. In the same way, in the character, the conduct and the manners of men, universal modifications will be made.”

After reading this quote I have thought about this subject on and off. Everyone “knows” that it’s good to eat healthy foods, and not good to eat junk food. Yet people still eat junk food and new junk food arrives on the scene every year. Why? One big reason I believe is price. If I feel like having a salty snack I would LOVE to buy some lightly spiced organic nuts. But you know what? Those potato chips are a lot cheaper! If I feel like eating a sweet treat, an organic dried fruit bar would be great. But oreo cookies are cheaper! If price or money was no longer an issue, I would definitely go for the healthier treats. A piece of fair trade organic dark chocolate instead of Chips Ahoy for example. There are many healthy treats out there, but they are way too expensive for most people to afford. If we didn’t have to worry about money and had only access to them, I don’t think it would be a problem.

Another thing I thought about is WHY are there so many junk foods out there? Because companies are out there to make money. And they know what sells – good tasting food, at a relatively low cost. So they fill their food with preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colors, fat, sugar, etc. They are out there to get our money. If money is no longer an issue, and the world is focused on creating a healthy and advanced society, there is no need for us to poison ourselves. There will be no companies out there trying their utmost to convince us to buy THEIR products. We will all be working to enhance society, and that means the health of our society as well, which means good and healthy foods available for all!

But won’t we miss having junk food around?  Well, when you are not used to eating it, you don’t miss it!  Plus I’m sure if this happens in the future it’ll be a gradual thing.

And to brighten up this post, here is a photo of Svara enjoying an icecream cone!  Her “icecream” is made of blended bananas, coconut milk, and carob powder.  No artificial anything!


Of course this is all probably waaay in the future, but I do hope we see society leaning towards cooperation and caring about the well-being of all the world’s citizens in our lifetime.


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