Trip to the Rabbit Park

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A couple of months ago on a Sunday morning I told Naren that I needed to get OUT of the house and do something!  Between the heat and the rain we hadn’t been out to do much lately.  Of course because of the heat we didn’t want to go anywhere in the city, so we decided to drive up the mountain to visit the rabbit park and have lunch at the resort near there as well.   As luck would have it a few friends were able to join our impromptu outing as well!

Svara, of course, was delighted to be going somewhere.  So we packed up some snacks, dressed for the outdoors, and headed for the hills!  First stop was the rabbit park where we got to pet and feed some rabbits, donkeys, and deer as well!

Although Svara was delighted to feed the rabbits, she was not so keen about the donkeys.  She did give it a try, but when she found out that it tickled a lot more when the donkeys grabbed the food with their lips, she abandoned that and went back to the rabbits!

After all the animals had been fed, it was time for our own lunch!  It had started raining by this time, but this only put a slight damper on our plans.  Instead of a picnic we went to a little Italian restaurant and shared a couple pizzas with our friends.  There was a magic show being performed on a stage down the street that had pretty loud music, so Svara was covering her ears.

We found one more animal that needed to be fed!  Svara quickly learned that when feeding swans it is best to throw the food rather than have them peck it out of your hand!!

Lastly, here is a little family shot.  We don’t have very many photos of just the three of us, so it was nice to get the chance to take a few.  Svara had had about enough for the day as you can see!

We had planned on visiting the botanical gardens after lunch, but because of a landslide that made the trek to the garden more difficult and the constant drizzle, we decided to call it a day and go home.  It was overall a nice and much needed outing!  It’s great that even though we live in a tropical country we are close enough to the mountain that we can escape the heat if just for a few hours!


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