Svara’s 4th Birthday

out and about, Svara

My baby has turned 4!!  Okay, so it WAS almost 2 months ago.  But better late than never, right??  This year Svara’s birthday was a simple affair.  We had a family gathering at Naren’s parents’ house with most of the family and cousins there.  Svara had her main birthday cake there, then we all went out to dinner and spent the night there.  It was simple and fun!

Svara requested a chocolate cake cake with pink frosting.  This is one of those times when I don’t attempt to cut down on sugar, it just doesn’t usually work too well.  I did use beet puree in the frosting, however, instead of red food coloring.

She doesn’t look too sure of her cake here!  But be assured, she DID love it!  Actually she was feeling shy as her older cousins had just arrived and she hadn’t seen them for awhile.

I think Svara’s little cousin was quite amused by Svara’s shyness!

After cake it was time for an art project!  Naren’s sister brought batik paintings for all the kids to do.

Later it was time to go out to dinner!  Normally Naren’s mom cooks dinner for everyone, and while we all love it of course, it was great to see her just relax and enjoy being with the family on this day instead of cooking away in the kitchen for hours!

All the little cousins just HAD to sit by eachother!  It was a feat of musical chairs to get them all satisfied.

I love how it looks like the kids are actually trying to decide what to order!

After eating a game of train around the table was in order – I hope they didn’t disturb the next table too much.


Back to Naren’s parents’ house for bedtime!  Svara has been asking for a nightgown for about 6 months, so this was her birthday gift.  Her cousin got one too!

It’s so hard to get great photos of silly little girls!

So this was part 1 of Svara’s birthday.  A few days later on her actual birthday we took her to the aquarium and had another little birthday cake at home (she insisted that since it was her real birthday she HAD to have another cake!).  I need to get those photos off of Naren’s computer and then I will do another post about that day!


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