Big Bad Wolf Booksale

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Last month as I was browsing facebook I saw several people mention that they just got back from the Big Bad Wolf Booksale.  I looked it up since I hadn’t heard of it and was happy to see it was still going on.  Happier still I found out that they offer at LEAST 75% off retail prices on all books, even up to 95% off!!    Oh, and these are NEW books!  Not all in perfect condition, but new!  I knew this was a sale I couldn’t miss!   We went one afternoon during the week and came back with this:

wahoo!  This was just over 100 books if I remember correctly.

The sale was held in a huge space with plenty of walking around and browsing space.  We were there for I think 3 hours but I wish I could have stayed longer!  Not that our pocketbook wishes we could have stayed longer  LOL

I took about an hour to browse through all the cookbook tables to find all the vegan cookbooks I could.  I was pleasantly surprised to find as many as I did!  Here they are:

WOW!  I started with the biggest one (Passionate Vegetarian).  It isn’t vegan, but most of the recipes are vegan in it and most vegetarian ones have vegan options.  It is an AMAZING cookbook that anyone, vegetarian or not, would be happy to have!  Several weeks later and I am still on that book, haven’t moved onto the others yet.  It is SO thick with over a thousand recipes, so it’s like getting 5-10 recipe books in ONE!  I can’t wait to look through the others as well.  Hopefully the recipes will be as tasty as those from Passionate Vegetarian have been!

If you are in Malaysia you’ll be happy to know that they have this book sale almost every year.  Can’t wait till next year!  Oh, and next week they are having an aftermath sale to get rid of all the leftover books from the sale (including damaged books).  Find the information on their website.

Now I need to go continue reading my cookbooks!





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