Update on Our Worm Composting – We’ve Got Babies!


One of Svara’s favorite activities is feeding our worm bin. It’s been almost a month since we’ve set up the bin, and so far it seems to be doing great!  The worms have been eating the food scraps and they are still alive, so I’m guessing they are a type of worm that works fine for worm composting.  My best guess is that they are Malaysian Blue Worms, but I don’t know 100% for sure.

Another reason I’m sure the bin is doing well is that this week we found worm babies!  I could only get a picture of one today as I rifled through the box.  But a few days ago there was a group of about 20-50 of them!  I don’t know where they went, I couldn’t find them today. Either they are spread all over, or some died.  Perhaps I shouldn’t disturb the dirt in my worm bin so often, I’m sure the baby worms are quite delicate.  I’m super excited that I found the babies, though, it was like a confirmation that the worm box is doing well.

Svara loves when I look through the worm box and she can hold a few worms, but I guess from now on I’ll disturb it as least as possible, just digging a hole every few days to a week to add some more scraps.


***EDIT***. After talking to my sister and looking at more baby worm info online, these might not be baby worms after all, they may just be a different kind of worm as a result of too many food scraps perhaps. Ah well, I’ll keep a lookout over the next few weeks and see if they grow and look like the earthworms, or see if they just disappear. Ah, the adventures of a worm bin!


4 thoughts on “Update on Our Worm Composting – We’ve Got Babies!

  1. I know we get a smaller white worm in our composter. about a 1/2 inch long or so. They are a different type of worm, not babies. At least now ours anyways. They seem to multiply when there are certain kinds of scraps or too many scraps in the compost. The baby compost worms are there too, but they are more of the same color as their larger counterparts. maybe I should get some pictures and show you.

    1. Yes, I’d love some pics! I looked at a couple vermicomposting sites and I thought they described the babies as white, so that’s why I assumed these were babies. I certainly could be wrong!

  2. Ah, ain’t he/she cute?? What kind of worm bin are you using? We got the Worm Factory 360. I’m always curious to hear what other people are trying out…

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