Our Thanksgiving Dinner – A Little Late


Ah, Thanksgiving.  It has definitely always been one of my favorite holidays.  Family and food, what more could you need??  Since moving to Malaysia we have sometimes celebrated Thanksgiving and sometimes not.  The first year we were here we did it grand style, inviting all of Naren’s family AND several of our friends over.  Our tiny house was PACKED.  It was pretty crazy, but also a lot of fun introducing new foods and the customs of Thanksgiving to family and friends.  My father-in-law fell in love with pumpkin pie!  Since then we’ve never done it as huge.  Sometimes we’ve only invited Naren’s family.  Other years we just had a couple friends over.  Some years we never get around to it at all.

This year we were pretty busy the week of Thanksgiving, so we just passed by it (except I DID make a pumpkin pie, I had to make the house smell a little like Thanksgiving that week!).  A couple weeks later I managed to make a “turkey” seitan roast and that naturally led to a small Thanksgiving dinner.  Since it was quite impromptu and it wasn’t very extensive, we just had the dinner with the three of us.

Here is what I made:

  • Seitan roast (I used Bryanna Clark Grogan’s recipe which used to be on her site, but her recipes are down for maintenance .  You can see the recipe here).  I usually bake it in two loaf pans, but since I have that new glass casserole dish I roasted it in there.  IT turned out wonderfully!  It took longer to roast than in two pans, though.  Apparently you can also bake these as cutlets (in the broth just like with the loaf or big roast).  I’m going to try that next time as it won’t take as much oven time.  One of the keys of this great seitan is the kneading time.  I let it knead in my bread machine.  super easy and it leaves me free to get other things done while it’s kneading!  It really helps the texture of the loaf.  And leftovers are GREAT in sandwiches!!
  • Dressing.  This has always easily been my favorite dish at Thanksgiving since I was a child.  My family’s recipe uses eggs, but Svara can’t eat eggs, so I just used some vegetable broth instead.  The bread wasn’t stale enough, though, so it was a little gooey inside.  Next time, less broth!
  • Mashed potatoes, of course!
  • Gravy – Usually I use Bryanna Clark Grogan’s gravy which is very tasty (her dressing and gravy recipes can be found on this page), but this time I used a new recipe from one of my new favorite cookbooks, Passionate Vegetarian.  It is a more time consuming recipe, but it’s so tasty that it’s worth it when I have time!
  • Green beans – because we HAD to have a vegetable!
  • MISSING – I usually manage to get some cranberries for cranberry sauce which I LOOOOOOVE, but this was so last minute that I didn’t get to the appropriate store.  Also missing is some type of homemade bread.  But I was crunched on time and heck, we have homemade bread once or twice a week, so we didn’t need to fill up on that!

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