Garden Updated December


It’s been almost a month since I first posted about our garden, so I thought it’d be nice to make a new post showing the growth!  Warning, a lot of photos coming!

Here is Svara’s special papaya plant to start, she checks on it every morning.

My potato is not looking quite as well as Svara’s papaya.  It got blown down in a storm, but continued to grow.  Now it’s starting to look a little yellow and a bit brown in a few places.  But it’s about time for that.  I’ll wait until it gets more dead and then see if I got any potatoes!


the curry leaf is growing well!  It always has.  As long as it doesn’t get infested again it’ll keep going strong.


Ah, my poor mint.  This is the third time I’ve tried to grow mint, the first two batches died.  So far this one is looking well for the past couple weeks, so I really hope it keeps growing!


Here is the red spinach/amaranth.  I thought it’d be full grown by now, but not yet.  It is growing, though.  I’m not sure why the ones on the left are so much bigger than the ones on the right.  Perhaps there was more fertilizer over there or something?  I want to give it some worm compost, but I have to wait another month before I harvest it.

Here is the green spinach/amaranth growing.  Not nearly as big as the red ones, quite strange!  Plus a stray cat dug up part of it 😦  But I still have hopes!


Italian parsley


The basil and rosemary. Not looking its best since I made pesto a couple weeks ago, but it’s doing well.  I have to take a photo of it next time BEFORE I pick all the leaves for pesto!


My tomato seedlings really need replanting!  Planning on getting some bigger pots and some more soil tomorrow.


The chili seedlings sprouted a couple weeks ago!  I need to replant these as well.  On the bottom of the photo you can see the bit of bougainvillea that Svara plucked from one and stuck in the soil.  It’s been there for about 3 weeks and is still alive, I wonder if it is growing roots.


Here is the passionfruit, it has grown a LOT since last month!  I can’t wait to see how big it gets!


Here is the rogue papaya tree growing behind the bougainvillea. Seems to be doing well!


These are new this month – they are pandan plants.  Naren’s mom gave them to us.  I don’t use pandan much in cooking, but I should look it up and see what I can do with it.  I know it’s kind of used like vanilla here.


Here is another new thing this month.  I cooked a pumpkin last month and tossed the seeds outside in the grass. Lo and behold, last week I noticed quite a few had sprouted!  At least count there were FIFTEEN little pumpkin plants!  I don’t know how many will survive, but we’ll see!  I hope a couple of them grow strongly, it’d be awesome to have some home grown pumpkins!


I took some of them and replanted them in a more appropriate spot.  Not sure if this will help them or not, we’ll see!  Tomorrow when we buy more soil I’ll put some better soil around them.


Here is our biggest papaya tree that is growing outside. Seems to be growing well!


Our four angle beans suffered a sad fate.  They seemed to do well when we transferred them last month, but after a couple disturbances by stray cats they died 😦  I planted a few more seeds in the same spot, and put sticks around to try to keep away the cats.  All three seeds sprouted, so hopefully they’ll grow big and strong!


That’s it for this month!  I’ll take photos again at the end of January!


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